Minecraft Server?

Today I got a Minecraft server. Usually this would be no big deal, but now this is a real server which is up 24/7. What do I do with it?

Option A

Regular Minecraft. Will use Permissions/BigBrother/MCRegion to make everything safe and grief free.

Option B.

RPG Stlye Minecraft. Leveling, Parties, Dungeons. May require users to download SpoutCraft to use the server, but it’s a minor thing

Option C


Option D

5v5 PvP which I have thought about before, but never had the resources to go through on it. Games would only last about a day or two, so any time the games aren’t “active” the server is going to be reverted back to any of the other 3 options.


So here we are again

One week. I couldn’t hold off on ranting about college any longer? Man I’m terrible.

There’s a lot to talk about Platteville and the school. It’s a really nice small town and the school is small enough to feel like it’s still a small community, but large enough that you still get the bustle of a school and feel like it’s alive and well.

The dorms are okay. I expected more of a space crunch, but was very surprised how well the room came together. It’s still getting some changes (I moved my desk a little so I stopped trying to view the TV when the loft was in the way) and I can’t get used to these chairs. It’s built almost like a rocking chair, but the legs are only bent, not curved. It’s like you have two stages of sitting: normal, then lean. Sometimes I start falling back into the “lean” stage and I panic as if I’m falling. No fun.

Technology took a massive turn. Being in the middle of nowhere, we don’t get a lot of bandwidth given to us, nor do we get a comprehensive wi-fi network covering campus. It also took a long time to get things working because they block my IRC (which I need), my DNS (which was being sent to Google’s public DNS), and every form of FTP and VPN. It doesn’t give me a lot of room to do some cool stuff. But hey, I manage.

Other technology just doesn’t like me. I bought a router and it doesn’t let people connect 90% of the time. I have my Wii here with homebrew, but it doesn’t play my roommates games (which I promised they would) and I keep on streetpassing the same guy every 12 hours with my 3DS and I don’t even know who he is.

Classes are ok.

Walking to classes is great, since I can stand in any spot and see the buildings where my classes are. They’re at most a 5 minute walk from each other. I wanted a bike because I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to walk fast enough and get to class on time. I was wrong.

My personal mantra of “It will all work out soon enough” tends to actually work here. Everyone (and by everyone, I mean my parents) were concerned about a lot of things not going right, or I wasn’t ready for it. Well…

I seem to be doing fine.


That was quick

To be honest, I expected that summer to last a bit longer. But that’s how every summer works until you start working full time as an adult. Ugh. Adulthood.

It’s midnight on August 23, 2011. It’s the first day of school in District 214, and this time I won’t be going. This whole summer has just been Roblox moderation, then play, then sleep, then repeat. I’ve been enjoying the whole thing, but it wasn’t until this week when I saw that summer was over. I don’t have any summer homework or any other obligations other than work, but I still have many things to look forward to.

I still have a lot of friends at Elk Grove. I was the only senior that took part in Morning Announcements, and in my friend circle, there were only four seniors out of a good 20 friends and friends of friends. Now they’re all heading back for another year, knowing that the people that they left with will be there when they come back. I won’t. I hope to come to school early and make one last visit to the morning announcements folk. They’re all nice, honest people who do it because they want to.

Meanwhile, the friends I graduated with are starting to say their final goodbyes to the friends they spent four whole years of their life with. Some may be staying around, some may not go far, and some are going so many states away they’re in a whole new climate. I’m heading to University of Wisconsin at Platteville, where no other EG student is going, or ever has. My best friend is heading to a college in the city. My other friend is going farther than I will: Iowa State.

It’s sobering to go on one last outing with a friend, knowing this is the last time you will see them for perhaps a very long time. But it’s always reassuring that you will see each other somehow later in life. Friendship is weird like that.

Here’s to my friends back at Elk Grove High, and to all my friends going off to their new homes at their colleges. No matter where you are, remember where you came from, and who you befriended along the way. They’re never worth forgetting.


School’s Out: The Musical: The Post

Growing up, one of my favorite “musical episodes” that cartoons always seem to do was the “School’s out!” musical from The Fairy Oddparents. They hardly air it anymore (only on those weeks kids actually get out of school, and only on the secondary Nick channel) but I still remember a lot of the songs. Heck I just stopped mid post to go look them up on Youtube, and I had no problems singing along.

I’m sitting here, well, out of school. I did the thing that basically this whole blog was me reflecting on: high school. My diploma is sitting on my shelf next to my other achievements. It’s an incredible weight to be lifted off my body – a weight that will be heavier when college starts. But between then and now, it’s just sitting at home and doing work.

But really, there’s tons of lessons that were learned during my 4 year stint at the school. I was never that outgoing and talkative, but things really turned at the end of the time at high school. Even if it was a rough lesson, it’s a good one to get.

There’s a ton of lifestyle changes I noticed need, or are going to happen, once I go live in a dorm during school. Mostly the small dorm and being always close to where everything happens. Here in the suburbs everyone is far and spread out, even though we all go to the same school. Damn. Then I’m not going to be near them anyways. New friends.

None of this is complaining. I’m okay that I’m going off to a new place and leave a lot of friends behind. But hell, in this day and age, you aren’t *really* gone from your friends.

I love technology.


(I just noticed this is like my public diary. Hmm…)

A few days ago I was doing my normal bathroom routine. It’s pretty normal up until the end. I finish and look at myself in the mirror. But I don’t do that just to check what I look like. No, I check to see if I can see my age in the mirror.

I look into the mirror and think “i’m 18, do I look 18?” and look and try to figure it out. For as long as I have been doing it, I can never see it. I’m 16, 17, 18 and I don’t see myself as it. I don’t know what age I see, but it isn’t my current one. Maybe it’s my hair or my clothes or how I stand. I’ve never been able to figure it out.

But back to the story. I was doing my routine. I had finished and was just looking. I had my arms crossed, my hoodie sleeves rolled up, my hair at it’s normal messyness, and facial hair that’s getting too long.

And I looked like I was 18.

This first time looking into the mirror, I saw the adult in me. I was getting older. I have responsibilities now (at least more now), and I have to go to college soon. I see all this reflected in the mirror. All the learning, tricks, fails, and rebounds of my life, all rolled into one person standing in the mirror.

I finally see myself as an adult. Now to act like one.


Another Minecraft Idea

I dunno, I just like writing my ideas down.

So I was watching Yogscast, these guys who are hilarious as they play on some Minecraft RP server. The people on the server take it seriously, but they don’t. But it gave me an idea for something.

Most servers are either 1vall or have teams with little structure. I was thinking of having a more structured team Vs team battle that would be recorded and become a recurring series.

Here it is.

There are 15 players overall. It is a 5v5 battle. The last five are admins or DM’s or something to keep the game running. (Two for camera, two for helping or watching, and one for running the game) They will be split dead on the X axis of the map, but they will be very far apart – almost 4 minecraft days.

The game will have structure such as set times for the matches, set events, and set quests and goals. The first night, they will be given a stone sword and told to get to where they will set up their towns. (At this point, there will be safe houses along the way)

Once they make it, the next thing will be to build and set up their towns. No one will intervene to show HOW to build the towns.

After they are set-up, random events will occur. Simple or good events such as a no-mob night cycle, or trees/crops growing faster. Some will be bad, such as a double mob night or all pigs disappearing for a few days.

There can be some “major” events such as a Ghast spawning, but that’s kinda severe.

From the point of the towns being set up, the two teams are in a state of war. There can be some random events (such as steal X from the other team) or things to convince the teams to enter enemy territory. In fact, stealing is allowed. Spys are encouraged.

There will be voice chat, however, there are two options. The easy one is a chat for each team. The hard one is a chat for each territory. It never really makes sense how you can chat with someone who are miles away. This also allows the spies to¬†eavesdrop. However, there is no easy way to change chats like this. (Perhaps some way to let spies eavesdrop is to have a “radio” room and let them build a wiretap.)

At the end, there will be some big random event , and whoever completes that quest will win (but it won’t be simple!)

As mentioned, there will be five admins or game masters or cameramen. I suggest have one cameraman for each team, then have the last three either check up on the teams, act as neutral characters (can someone say “traders”?) or help build the buildings for those random events.

It will take a lot of time, but if it is pulled off right, it could be the best Minecraft video series ever.